Our Work / MOD

Baker Barracks

Thorney Island, Hampshire

Hot and cold water services were extendedfrom the existing in primarily copper pipe with soldered capillary joints.

Ventilation was added to the toilets andkitchen areas.

Above ground drainage works included renewing the soil stacks and connections to the WC pans, and waste from the basins, sinks, showersand baths.

The existing heating systems was modifiedand extended with new radiators in theablution areas.

A refurbishment of existing barrack buildings, including ablutions, utility and kitchen areas, the project required close coordination and cooperation with the main contractor and the other trades, due to the tight working spaces.

As part of an ongoing refurbishment programme to improve living conditions for the armed services, these two blocks were the first to be undertaken and set the standard for the projects to follow.

The main contractor was Concept Building Services Southern Ltd. The works started in November 2010 and were completed, on timeand on budget, in February 2011.

Project Details


This work was a PriDE project and subject to their uncompromising health & safety standards.


The refurbishment of both blocks were finished by the agreed completion date.


It is understood that both our Mechanical and Electrical package, as well as the Main Contract were achieved within the clients budget for the works.

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