Royal South Hants Hospital

The project incorporated the removal of the supply and extract ductwork serving 3 no. Dental Surgeries on the third floor of the hospital. The existing arrangement being one that served multiple departments within the building. The design being for the replacement of the existing arrangement with individual MVHR units and associated ductwork and air terminal devices to serve each dental surgery room.

The design of the systems was to improve fresh air ventilation levels and achieve compliance with PHE current guidance to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus and to minimise fallow time between patients with the following design criteria.

  • 10 air changes per hour during use
  • 30 air changes per hour (manual boost) for 10 minutes following the dental procedure
  • Next patient

The designed solution includes the provision of individual MVHR units serving each Dental Room as follows:

  • MVHR unit incorporating 10 speed fans, plate heat exchanger, F7 filtration and Heater Battery. Two of which are located within ceiling voids of adjacent rooms and the third is externally located on a balcony.
  • Standard room controller with manual boost arrangement.

Existing room cooling/heating units both wall mounted and cassette type remain in place as the risk of coronavirus transmission is minimised due to the level of air changes.

The project was carried out on site with due regards for the working procedures in the hospital including the majority of the works being carried out overnight and at weekends. The project works were completed on site in 4 weeks as per the agreed programme.